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Parts and Projects

I like to keep a good stock of spare parts on-hand to replace broken or missing parts for tools I find. I will occassionally post some of the parts for sale here in case they can help someone.

I will also post "project" tools for sale.. These items might need some work- a new blade, a small repair, a handle, etc., but will be good, usable tools with a bit of time and effort.

I hope you find something you like! If you do please contact me by email.

This List Was Last Updated: 2/29/2016

Very Early Moseley Flat Ovolo Molding Plane.
This plane bears the earliest Moseley mark which dates to the 1809-1818 timeframe. It's around 200 years old and has seen plenty of use as evinced by the short iron. The body is quite clean and has some nice patina. Unfortunately the blade is a bit pitted, more so than I'd like to sell as a "user" so it's here on the parts an projects page. The pitting could be lapper or better yet the blade replaced completely giving a lovely plane a new live
Item Number part345
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Robert Sorby 2 1/8in Wide Tapered, Laminated Plane Iron.
This iron is 7 1/2in long and in exceptional condition. There is no pitting at all and there is lots of length left.
Item Number part342
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Hock 2 3/4in Spokeshave Blade.
This blade came from Mike Dunbar's Windsor Institute shop. It's the standard blade they school used in all of their chair shaves. It was made by Hock for KCTW. It has some slight wear but the back is perfect and the bevel is sharp. These blades retail for $40 new. I have a couple of these so your blade might not look exactly the same, but it will be in the same, or better condition as the one pictured.
Item Number part327
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Stanley 2 1/8in Spokeshave Blade0..
This Stanley blade is 2 1/8in wide and will fit spokeshaves model 51, 52, 57, 58, 59, 68, and 71. This is a unused, new-old-stock blade made around the turn of the 20th century found in its original box (box not included). the blade is in excellent condition and has no pitting, just minor discoloration from sitting around for 120 years or so.
Item Number part305
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