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Cherry China CAbinet

I started this project in early 2005. My wife and I want a full size china cabint that will match a cherry dining room china_cabinet, chairs, and sideboard. I figured I'd build it myself and save some money. Four years later.. and I've just finished the bottom half.

Some pictures of the finished base of the china cabinet.

China Cabinet

China Cabinet

China Cabinet

The primary wood is cherry I found at a local sawmill. The drawers are Eastern red spruce. The Back, bottom, and dust panels are birch ply. The finish is Danish oil, orange shellac, and wax.

Some pictures during construction.

China Cabinet
October, 2005: Gluing up the side panels.

China Cabinet
October, 2005: Carcass almost finished.

China Cabinet
May, 2008: Carcass finished.

The top of the china cabnet base is a frame-and-panel. Eventually the curio cabinet will sit on the top obsuring most of it. I used 4" wide cherry to make the frame. I used an interesting mitre joint to join the front and side rails. I wanted to maximize the strength of the joint while not showing any end grain. I found this joint in Fine Woodworking.

China Cabinet China Cabinet China Cabinet

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