This One is a Keeper!

I was sorting through my stash of molding planes, looking to pick out a few nice ones to put up for sale. I came across a nice deep but narrow roman ogee by A. Mathieson and Son. Mathieson was a prolific maker, and one of my favorites. Their planes are usually of very high quality and make excellent users. The plane I picked out was used, but well kept. A bit grungy, probably from tallow used to lubricate the sole. I could make out the marks where the former owner(s) hand rested in use. I like to find tools in this state- well used, but with visible signs of the former owner.

Mathieson Roman Ogee
Plane Profile

I thought it was a really nice looking plane, but I have a similar roman ogee. I hemmed and hawed but eventually put it in the “sell” pile. It was then that I noticed the owner’s mark, not at the heel or toe, but stamped in the side of the plane. “J. CLARK” Well, that clinched it! It’s not often you find your name stamped on a 100 year old molding plane!  I’ve found planes with my last name stamped on them, and I have a couple of  “W. CLARK” planes, but none like this.

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Interesting Disston Advertisment

I added a new Disston advertisement to my Old Tools Advertisements section of my site. This ad has a great picture of the Disston lumberyard. Specifically, it shows a portion of the apple logs waiting to be sawn into boards for saw handles.

View of Apple Logs in Disston Lumber Yard

This photo really puts the size and scope of the Disston operation into scale. There must be thousands of apple logs in this photo, and this is just a “portion” of their apple inventory at this particular point in time. It’s an amazing amount of wood. This is one reason I love old advertisements- they take us back in time to when these tools were being made and provide us with valuable insight.

Interesting Tool: Rosewood and Brass Bevel/Square

Here’s an interesting tool I found at a recent auction:

Rosewood and Brass Bevel Square

This is a T-Square that serves two purposes.  It has an eighteen inch blade with a Brazilian rosewood and brass body. It functions as a normal square but the body can be split to act as a bevel:

Split Bevel
Split Bevel

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