New Old Tools For Sale

I added over 30 tools to my For Sale list today. This includes a bunch of good user bench planes, molding planes, saws, and some other fun stuff. The few remaining items from last month are now offered at reduced prices. If you are interested in purchasing something, or have any questions or comments, please contact me.

Some notes on shipping- As of January 2, the USPS raised rates on all Parcel and Priority shipments, including flat rate boxes. Last month some of the packages I shipped by Parcel Post took a very long time to reach their destinations, probably because of the lousy weather. One more thing- I finally took delivery of the new USPS regional rate boxes. So far it looks like these boxes will save a couple of dollars in shipping costs for most people, especially those of you close to Connecticut. As always, I will try to get you the lowest shipping rate whenever possible.

One additional note- I have been having a problem lately with lost emails.  Please note that I make it a point to respond to every email I receive. If you don’t hear back from me within a day, or you are particularly excited about a particular item, please send a follow-up email or cc: my alternate email address:

Thanks for reading!


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