Updates from Hyperkitten Tool Company

Hi Folks! I realize it’s been a long time since I made a blog post.  I have some news, a few changes, and just a general status update for all of you.

First, the blog: My old  Wordpress blog needed to be updated which turned out to be much more work than just installing the new version from scratch, so that’s what I did. I did import all of the old posts and comments for the sake of posterity. This blog is still in default mode. I’ll be working to configure it as time allows. I may update it more frequently but new tool sales will not be announced via the blog.. it just can’t handle the email traffic. Tool lists will continued to be announced via my MadMimi email list.

Which brings me to the next tool list… I’m going to have to change the way I post new tools for sale, at least for the next few months. Instead of one big list of tools I’m going to be adding smaller lists of tools more frequently, not on any particular schedule, just as time allows. This is an experiment. After the New Year I’ll reassess and see where things stand. I realize that shipping costs are high these days so if you see an item you want I’d be happy to set it aside for you until we have a few things to pack together to making shipping economical.

There’s a couple of reasons for this change: First, my day job ( I work as a Unix Systems Admin and Oracle DBA for a software company) has become much busier over the past 6 months, requiring me to work more nights and off-hours, time I used to devote to the tool business. Combine this with the fact that the holidays are coming up, as well as the fact that our three kids are now all involved with sports and other activities (I coach my daughter’s U9 softball team) and I just don’t have enough time.. Secondly, I’ve come to the realization that the method I’ve been using to sell tools, i.e. putting up one big list and saying “come and get it”, isn’t really working well now that my email list has grown to its current size.. Essentially I’m putting up a list of maybe 200 tools then sending email to over 4,000 people. This results in a fast few who get the tools and several hundred emails for me to reply “sorry, someone else claimed that item”. It’s frustrating for everyone and lately I’ve been catching more and more flack for it. I understand the problem, I just don’t know how to fix it. Frankly, I rely heavily on the tool business to keep my family afloat financially. I’m incredibly appreciative of all of you who have been loyal customers over the years. I just want to do the best I can to help keep everyone happy.

On the upside, I can state definitively that the demand for user hand tools is higher than ever with new (younger) people getting involved every day. At least twice a week I get an email from someone who just picked up The Anarchist’s Tool Chest and wants to buy a starter kit of tools. It’s a fantastic time to be a woodworker, especially one interested in traditional work with hand tools.

Other updates.. I’m on Twitter @HKToolCo and occasionally tweet things. I’m also on Instagram now @hktoolco and trying my best to figure it out. I am on Facebook as well, and participate in a few of the hand tool related groups. If you friend me on Facebook you’ll likely see me tagged in CrossFit posts, which you’ll get sick of real fast, so consider that fair warning.

So that’s it for now. Keep an eye on Twitter, IG, this blog for more updates. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your loyalty, patience, and understanding. I appreciate it.