Harvey W. Peace Backsaws

Harvey Peace and the Vulcan Saw Works produced several varieties of back saws. Early Peace back saws feature split-nuts and sunken style medallions similar to other saws of the period. Later Peace back saws are easily distinguished by their handle. Most Peace-made saws feature a saw nut through the spine, as seen in the photos below. This feature seems to be limited to three New York area saw makers- Peace, Richardson, and E.M. Boynton.

No. 60 Carpenter’s Delight “Extra” Backsaw. Designed to run without set.

No. 50 Brass-Back Spring-Steel Closed-Handle Backsaw

P-47 Backsaw A very curious looking “Perfection” style back saw

No. 45 Closed-Handle Backsaw

No. 40 Early Model Backsaw

No. 35 Open-Handled Back Saw