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Parts and Projects

I like to keep a good stock of spare parts on-hand to replace broken or missing parts for tools I find. I will occassionally post some of the parts for sale here in case they can help someone.

I will also post "project" tools for sale.. These items might need some work- a new blade, a small repair, a handle, etc., but will be good, usable tools with a bit of time and effort.

I hope you find something you like! If you do please contact me by email.

This List Was Last Updated: July, 2020

Rare New-Old-Stock Stanley 40 1/2 Scrub Plane Blade.
This is an unused 1 1/2in wide scrub plane blade made prior to WWII. It's in perfect condition. An extremely hard to find part
Item Number part623
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Stanley no. 1 Plane Blade.
This plane blade is in very good condition. It has its original length and is very clean with zero pitting. There is one tiny chip on one corner which could be ground away in moments if you want to put it to work.
Item Number part622
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New-Old Stock Gage 1 3/4in Plane Blade.
This blade fits a Gage or Stanley Gage Self-Setting plane. It is unused and in excellent condition. These blades are extremely hard to find.
Item Number part621
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New-Old-Stock 1 3/4in Plane Blade.
This Eclipse brand plane blade is in its original package with its original protective coating. It's marked "Planes, Coachdoor, Smoothing" on the label.
Item Number part617
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Stanley no. 39 9/16in Dado Plane Blade.
This is a new blade made by St. James Bay Tool Co. It retails for $30 new. It will fit a vintage Stanley no. 39.
Item Number part518
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