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Welcome! The Purpose of this Wiki is to provide a repository for all of the tool and woodworking information I've accumulated over the years. I've sold tens of thousands of tools in the past 20 years and spent hundreds of hours researching the history of these tools including the manufacturers, how they were made, and how they were used. I'm staring off this Wiki with a couple of subjects:

Tool Manufacturer Database

List of Tool Manufacturers This is a list of manufacturers I've researched over the years. This primarily consists of my collection of vintage tool advertisements as well as many original documents and catalogs.

Stanley Bench Plane Type Study

The Stanley Bench Plane Type Study This section is a supplement to the Stanley Type Study that I've hosted on my website for many years. Originally created by Jeff Sutherland between 1995 and 1997, and based on the work of the ineffable Roger K. Smith and Patrick Leach, the type study is an invaluable piece of research. I've expanded a bit on it here in this Wiki: First, I've tried to simplify the type descriptions by removing the "All featured of the previous type except" statements and instead listing all of the features of a particular type. I have also started adding images of the defining features of each type for the sake of clarity.

The formatting of the type study on the Wiki is very poor. I'm working on it. For now, the old pages work better

Harvey W. Peace Handsaws

Harvey W. Peace and The Vulcan Saw Works. I have been collecting and researching the handsaws made by Harvey W. Peace at the Vulcan Saw Works in Brooklyn, NY for more than 20 years. This is my accumulated research. I am currently working on updating these pages.


Websites, Books, etc. that I find very useful.

Latest Updates

More To Come This is a long-term project and something I've intended to work on for years. Since this is a Wiki, please feel free to contribute, make suggestions, or point out mistakes I've made. You can contact me here.