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DATAMP (Directory of American Tool And Machinery Patents) An exceptional source for tool-related patent information. Randy Roeder’s website with information on Millers Falls, Goodell-Pratt, and related manufacturers.

Stanley Logo Dating Page Bob Kaune’s excellent reference guide to Stanley blade logos

SydnasSloot Sandy Moss sells quality tools at good prices. He’s as knowledgeable and honest as they come. I bought my first handplane from Sandy about 20 years ago.

Metallic Router Plane Type Study A collaborative work of Jay Sutherland and Lars Larson, these pages contain information on various types and models of router planes. Includes detailed type studies of the Stanley #71 and #71 1/2 planes. Presented to you in its original 1995 vintage HTML.


A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes Fifth Edition ISBN-10: 1931626383 Tom Elliot. The definitive reference book on American wooden planes and planemakers.