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Vintage Tool Advertisments Section

Lately I've been collecting a lot of vintage magazines, trade papers, and advertisements related to vintage woodworking tools. The following pages represent a piece of my collection. I try to update these pages from time to time, adding some of the more interesting ads as I find them. I think there is a lot to learn these ads, besides being fun to look at.

Most of these ads come from magazines like The Carpenter (the trade publication of the United Carpenter's union) National Builder, and Carpentry and Building. Besides some great advertisements, this monthly publication also carried updates on local chapter activity, articles on new building techniques, and information regarding union matters (like which companies were to be boycotted for hiring non-union workers). I've started scanning and posting select advertisements from these magazines, and others, starting with the oldest first.

These ads are presented for research purposes only. Most of these ads are in the public domain. I've done my best to compress these mages to reduce their size, (while attempting to preserve image quality) but some are still quite large. Feel free to download them, print them out, etc. I only ask that if you use any of these images on your web site, that you download and store them locally instead of pointing your IMG SRC back to my site. Also, I'd prefer if you didn't download these pictures and use them in your eBay auctions, especially without asking me. It's simply bad form. Remember, I make absolutely no money from this site. I pay for bandwidth out of my own pocket so please be courteous. Enjoy!

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