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Henry Disston & Sons, Philadelphia, PA

Makers of saws of all types as well as other woodworking tools.


Disston Handsaw Pamphlet ca. 1910-1922

Disston Pamphlet ca. 1910-1922

Published circa 1910-12, this lavishly illustrated pamphlet shows all of Disston's mainline handsaws of the era. Each of the saw pages also includes a bit of Disston advertising on the opposite page. Towards the end we have yet more Disston cheer-leading followed by a couple of Disston saw vises and files.

The entire pamphlet can be found here:

How a Disston Handsaw is Made ca. 1929

How a Disston Handsaw is Made. 10 pages ca. 1929

This 10 page pamphlet details all the steps involved with making a handsaw. It was published in 1929. The photographs provide an interesting insight into the Disston production line. They are of unusually high quality and a lot of detail can be made out in the photos.

The entire pamphlet can be found here:


Jan., 1880 Carpentry and Building. Disston Saws in Boxes
Dec., 1877 Manufacturer and Builder.Keystone, Saw, Tool, Files, and Steel Works
Dec., 1877 Manufacturer and Builder. The Saws That Lead Them All: The D-8 and Our New No. 16 Premium Saw.
June, 1892 Carpentry and Building. Disston Saws
August, 1909 Carpentry and Building. Disston Saws, Tools, and Files made, sold, used, on merit.
November, 1909 Carpentry and Building. The Backbone of the Carpentering Trade for 70 Years
March, 1910 National Builder, Back Cover Advertisement
January, 1912 The Juvenile Instructor
January, 1915 Building Age, The Disston 77 (Mechanic's Own)
August, 1918,The Carpenter, This ad features a view of a portion of Disston's lumber yard- these are all apple logs!
January, 1920 Popular Mechanics, For the man who enjoys good tools
June, 1920 The Literary Digest, Every Home Needs Some of These Tools
July, 1922, The Carpenter, Is Your Saw a Disston?
September, 1922, The Carpenter When you buy a saw...
June, 1924, The Carpenter , And these are DISSTON, too. Plumbs and Levels, Try Squares, Bevels
December, 1924, The Carpenter , The Disston Saw Was Made For You
October, 1926, The Carpenter , Consider What a Saw Must Do..
July, 1927, The Carpenter Sawing has changed.. and saws too
August, 1929 The Carpenter , Improved Compass Saw Introduced by Disston
November, 1929 Popular Science , How to Use Your Handsaws
March, 1930 Popular Science Monthly, Disston File Handles- Accept This Offer!
May, 1930, The Carpenter, Now Disston Taper-Ground Compass Saws and Nest of Saws
June, 1930, The Carpenter, The Saw most carpenters use: New in every feature
July, 1930, The Carpenter, The Finest Saw Made By Disston: The D-15 Lightweight
November, 1930, The Carpenter, D-15
December, 1930, the Disston D-15: Made for expert mechanics
January, 1931, Accept this offer from Disston- Saw Files $.25
October, 1931,Lower Prices on Disston Saws
October, 1931,4 Saw Files and 2 File Handles for $1
April, 1943, Wartime Ad- Tools for Shipbuilders
April, 1943, Wartime Ad- Tools for Airplane Workers