Millers Falls

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Millers Falls Co., Millers Falls & Greenfield, MA

Makers of braces, drills, mitre boxes, and many other machinist and woodworking tools.



Feb, 1884, Carpentry and Builder, The Barber Bit Brace

July, 1886, Carpentry and Builder, Drill Brace
September, 1892, Carpentry and Builder, Adjustable Auger Handle
August, 1909, Carpentry and Builder, Millers Falls Beam Auger
March, 1910, National Builder, The Holdall Brace
July, 1912, National Builder, Langon Mitre Boxes
June, 1924, The Carpenter You Liked it!: Millers Falls Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver #61
December, 1924, The Carpenter,Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver #61- Can you look at this tool and not want it?
October, 1926, The Carpenter, Announcing a new line of Millers Falls Levels
April, 1927, The Carpenter, Now you can get Millers Falls expansive bits
September, 1929, The Carpenter, Give Your Plane the Paper Test
February, 1930, The Carpenter, Millers Falls Planes: This Line Made Good in 10 Short Months