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North Brothers, Philadelphia, PA

Makers of automatic screwderivers, drills, braces, etc. Acquired by Stanley ca. 1946.


January, 1903, The National Builder, Yankee Tools Are Better
June, 1909, Carpentry and Builder, You Can Do This with your YANKEE
November, 1909, Carpentry and Builder, For Good Service- Yankee Screw Driver No. 111
November, 1909, The National Builder, For Good Service- Yankee Breast Drills
December, 1912, Unknown Publication, Yankee Push Brace #75 "Yankee Tools make Better Mechanics"
October, 1922, The Carpenter, The Yankee 1530 Hand Drill
June, 1924, The Carpenter, Yankee 1555- When you must bore through metal
December, 1924, The Carpenter, You don't have to coddle these screwdrivers
January, 1927, Popular Mechanics, Doing An "Impossible" Job With Yankee #350
July, 1927, the Carpenter, Yankee #1435 & #1450 Yankee Drills- they work where others can't
September, 1929, The Carpenter, Yankee #1435 & #1450 NEW! Two Speeds in a small hand drill
May, 1930, The Carpenter, The Test that Yankee Makes
November, 1930, The Carpenter, Yankee #1435 & #1450 Yankee Drills- then shift to slow speed for easy drilling through..
January, 1931, The Carpenter, Yankee Ratchet Brace #2100- With Famous Yankee Ratchet and Yankee Chuck
November, 1931, The Carpenter, Yankee#10 & #15 ...a slick Yankee Ratchet