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I’ve been collecting hand saws manufactured by Harvey W. Peace and the Vulcan Saw Works for about twenty years. The pages that follow present pictures and details on some ofthe saws Peace manufactured. This is by no means a complete list of the company’s products. During Peace’s heyday in the mid-1880s the company produced hundreds of different saw models. I have included pictures and identification details whenever possible.

If come across an interesting Peace saws in the “wild”, or if you need help identifying a Peace saw, please feel free to contact me.


Harvey Peace Handsaw model no. 40

Peace produced a Number of hand, panel, and rip saws including Peace’s Celebrated Perfection Saw

Back Saws

Harvey Peace Backsaw model no. 45

Peace produced distinctive back saws including the #35 and #45

"Second Line" Saws

Harvey W. Peace "J.D. Darlington Backsaw model no. 35

Peace’s “second” line of saws including the J.D. Darlington saws

Everything Else

Peace "Nest of Saws"

Other types of saws manufactured by H.W. Peace