Stanley Planes Type 18

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Planes made by Stanley 1946-1947.

Distinguishing Features (changes from previous type in bold)

  • Diagonal knurling on brass adjusting wheels.
  • Hardwood handles painted black. I’ve seen black handles on what are normally considered war production planes.
  • Castings are lighter, like those of the pre-war years.
  • Kidney-shaped hole in the lever cap.
  • “STANLEY”, inside the notched rectangle, with “MADE IN U.S.A.” logo stamped on the cutter.The toe has a raised, broad, flat rib cast into it. A similar rib is found at the heel.
  • The frog has an ogee-shape (s-shape) to the back, on either side of the lateral adjustment lever.
  • “MADE IN U.S.A.” is cast behind the frog.
  • No patent dates behind the frog.
  • “BAILEY” is cast behind the knob toward the rib, and the number is cast in front of the knob at the leading edge of the bottom casting. This is opposite to all prior types.
  • A raised ring is cast into the bed to act as a receiver for the knob.
  • High Knob
  • Flat head screws now hold the frog in place.
  • No patent date is found on the lateral lever.

All commentary comes from the original Stanley Bench Plane Type Study

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Diagonal Knurling on the Blade Adjusting Wheel
Ogee-Shaped Frog Back
Kidney-Shaped Hole in Lever Cap