Stanley Planes Type 5

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Planes made by Stanley 1885-1888.

Distinguishing Features (changes from previous type in bold)

  • The lateral adjustment lever makes its debut. It has two patent dates, “2-8-76” and “10-21-84”, stamped into it, along with the word “STANLEY”. The lateral lever is a one-piece construction, with its portion that engages the slot in the iron being straight across.
  • Top of the frog no longer rounded as before. The top is more a flattened arch-shape.
  • The number is now cast into the main casting; i.e. on the smaller planes, at the toe, and on the heel, #5 and up.
  • The trademark stamped into the iron is the same as before, except that “STANLEY” is in a straight line, in large letters, and the rest of the logo immediately below, in small letters.

Features Carried Over From Previous Types

  • Rosewood knob is shaped like a hot air balloon, and has a distinct bead turned into its base.
  • “L. BAILEY’S” “PATENT” “DEC. 24, 1867” is stamped on the top of the iron and cap iron.
  • The brass adjusting nut in now recessed, with the patent “BAILEY’S PATENT” “AUG. 31, 1858, AUG. 6, 1867” stamped inside.
  • The back of the lever cap is recessed.
  • The frog receiver is now a broad, rectangular area, with an arched rear (the portion nearest the tote). It is machined flat.
  • Flat head screws now hold the frog in place.

All commentary comes from the original Stanley Bench Plane Type Study

Lateral Adjuster from a Type 5. Note the one-piece construction and lack of a circular disk to engage the blade. The type 5 was the only type to have this sort of lateral adjuster.