Last Updated 2023-01-25

I posted a new batch of tools to the list this evening. Be on the lookout for more items later this week. I'm starting my yearly winter clean out. Over the past years I've accumulated more tools than ever before. I am determined to spend the next couple of months cleaning out the stacks and crates of tools to regain the use of my garage and basement. I also need to make room for the start of spring tool season. There's a lot of decent stuff here. Some of it's rare. Some of it's unusual. Some of it's usable bot not the prettiest. As a reminder- I'm always happy to hold tools in order to combine orders and make shipping more economical.


Extra-Long 1/4in Mortise Chisel



W. Butcher 5/8in Tang Gouge



JB Addis 1/2in no. 8 Carving Gouge



Buck 1/4in no. 6 Tang Gouge



Buck 3/16in no. 7 Tang Gouge



Pfeil Swiss Made 4mm no. 7 Straight Gouge



Pfeil Swiss-Made 12mm Carving Chisel



Ashley Iles Chris Pye 1/4in no. 2 1/2 Straight Gouge



Pfeil Swiss Made 8mm No. 1 Carving Chisel