Last Updated 2022-06-22

Hi folks- new tools have been posted to the list. There's a good selection of all sorts of tools here including lots of user stuff and a couple of truly exceptional items. I also reduced the price on anything that's been on the list for more than 30 days to help get it to move. One more thing- I realized today that my browser's spell check has been disabled for a while so please excuse any spelling mistakes. I can spell, I just can't type. Thanks as always for stopping by! --Josh


Early American Handsaw

$25 Recently Reduced Price


Early Disston no. 8 Handsaw



Disston no. 7 26in Hansdaw

$30 Recently Reduced Price


Unusual WM&C 18in Holt Patent Handsaw



Disston D-8 26in 8ppi Handsaw



Guykucho 240mm Razorsaw