Last Updated 2024-02-20

More tools were added to the list this evening. The winter clean out continues. I have a lot of good, usable tools that aren't terribly valuable but will make good workers. I've done my best to price these to sell. The prices do not necessarily reflect the quality of the item, more the fact that I need to make some room for tools that are coming in soon. Thanks for looking! --Josh

Update Nov 29 Well.. That was unexpected. I hoped for some activity from the LAP blog post. I didn't expect every single one of the 250+ saws I posted yesterday to sell in less than 12 hours. I'm in shock. I expect some of the international orders will be cancelled once people see what it costs to ship a saw-length box from the US so there may be a few stragglers appearing on the list over the next few days. I've also got a couple of boxes of Tom's saws that need a little work (missing screws, etc.) that I'll try to post in a few weeks. But for right now, the saws are all gone. I appreciate your patience as I work through the backlog and try to pick up the pieces. --Josh